About the Author

Kristin Stiff lives in Newport News, Virginia with her husband Marc, and a rambunctious Cane Corso, Prince. As a graduate of the University of Virginia with a major in English, Kristin has learned a thing or two about writing. As a little girl, Kristin wrote many whimsical tales, hoping one day to be a published author. Kristin was certain after her first year of college, eight years ago, that her precious Cocker Spaniel sister, Lacy (a.k.a. Lulu), was going to be the main character of her first book.

Kristin and Lulu spend many wonderful hours together, sunbathing at the beach, curling their hair, and eating their favorite treats. They go on many adventures together that have inspired this book! When Kristin is not writing, she is swimming, running, and going to the gym. Her fitness is an asset to her writing, as she develops a lot of ideas while exercising.

Dear Lulu fans,
Never cloud your vision with negative thoughts…instead, envision yourself on a cloud soaring through the depths of your imagination. When you’re using your imagination, you’re allowing yourself to grow as a thinker and as a dreamer. Remember to believe in yourself and to believe in your dreams, for if you do, nothing seems impossible.

Hugs and Kisses,